Client: Elgin County
Size: 30,100 SF
Value: $7.5 M
Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical
Architect: Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects


In an attempt to meet the criteria for Elgin St. Thomas Public Health Unit as requested by the County and the applicable codes and standards to this building, the mechanical design uses a complete building approach, taking into consideration energy efficiency and indoor environment air quality.  All systems are based on basic proved design principles including CSA standards and other applicable codes.

The 30,100 Sf Elgin St. Thomas Public Health Building was designed to achieve 45-50% energy savings over ASHRAE 90.1-2010. Considering the variety of room types, Mantecon Partners saw an opportunity to optimize energy by transferring heat from zones that require cooling to zones that require heating.

The facility conserves electricity and water and promotes a healthier working atmosphere. The building is designed and situated to take advantage of the natural day light. It was also designed to  incorporate various energy efficient technologies that include:

  • High efficiency heat recovery air source heat pumps (variable refrigerate flow)
  • Dedicated outside air unit for ventilation, with total energy recovery wheel
  • Heating/Cooling for ventilation air with dedicated variable refrigerant flow system
  • Occupancy sensors to control the lighting and HVAC system
  • Variable frequency drives to supply only the amount of airflow required
  • Integrated building management control system
  • High efficiency transformers
  • Full security system (doors & CCTV)